Since its foundation, Cavalleri has a valid and well organized technical office for the itself products improvements.

The frame of the Cavalleri’s sheeters is totally realized in cast iron. This permits a high strenght and a vibration damping. Also after several years the frame remains stable and without deformations. This avoids all the problems that a frame realized in iron can has.

The technologic evolution and the researches made on the machines has taken an assembly increment of the performances, in terms of:

• Hourly productivity
• Augment of maximum height and length for the cut products
• Augment of the maximum possible weight for the coils to be cut and extension the range of materials that can be cut
• High automation of the executed operations with extreme reduction of the dead times and maintenance
• More precise tolerances on the thickness and on the cut format

Today CAVALLERI has a 10.000 m² of working surface, with more of 7000 covered, a his own mechanical workshop with a lot of tool machines, last-generation equipments and so on.

All the machine functionalities are managed by a touch screen panel, easy to use and well readable. By it is possible change cut format, material weight and coil in the shortest time.

The machine control (its electronic automation) is realized using solutions and brands at the state of the art, and choosing the major player in the motion control field.

The machine is equipped with a modem, that permits a remote access and assistance to resolve problems that the machine can presents.

The performances of the Cavalleri’s machines, produced in more than 2100 pieces, are the same also after several years; also for this reason the Cavalleri’s sheeters have acquired the nickname of “circular cheque”.

The newest generation of machines has a control completely automated, maximum speed of 200 meters per minute and up to ± 0.1 mm of precision, thanks to high precision mechanic, last generation electronics and sturdiness.

Great attention is places on the safety and the sound proofing of the machine, using anti infortunistic repair. These repairs aid the safety of the machine operatorsand limit the noise emissions under the limits imposed by law.

Furthermore the sheeter is customisable with a wide series of optionals, following the needs of your. For example it’s possible to cut materials from up to four coils at the same time, put inline a embosser or a prining group.

Last but not least, the machine can make a longitudinal cut, with a series of circular knifes; this optional is usually completed by a Venturi’s pipe for the removal of the trims.

So, contact us for any question or need: together we can study them and found the best solution for you.