They are the sheeters models actually produced in the Cavalleri’s work units. All the new sheeters sold by Cavalleri belongs to this family.
The machine is designed to guarantee a cut precision about one tenth of millimeter and allows an electronical adjustment of cutting length, with cut speed objectively very high; in fact it´s possible to reach two hundreds of sheets per minute at full speed.
All Syncro machines can cut paper until 250 gr/m2, plastic films, aluminum foil as from 10 µ and non-woven materials (TNT).

Syncro family is composed by different models, each one characterized of a different width. It goes from 850 mm (for the CT8 model), to 1950 mm (for the CT19 model). Consequently it’s possible to use coils having different width, and this mean different maximum width of produced sheets. For the sheets length, instead, it’s fixed to 1000mm for all the models. Also all the other characteristics that the machines have (i.e. the structure and all its strength points) are identical.
In detail, follow there are all the parameters related to the machines:


For the Syncro realization were study and make technologic innovations that permit a wide series of improvements in respect to the precedent models. See together the mainly:

• The fundamental parts of the machine (sheets cut, sheets transport, collecting drum and trolley bar) are managed by a dedicated brushless motor, to control the single working phase in an independent manner, maintaining the entire synchronism of the machine;
• The machine in this manner is totally automated, managed by an operator panel mounted on the machine. With this panel it’s possible modify all the machine parameter in a totally independent way. For example if the operator needs to change the cut format of the sheet, he doesn’t need to stop the machine!
• The automation of the machine is demanded to the best components and solutions present in the worldwide market.
Who purchase the sheeter is totally free to choose the machine characteristics, either in terms of dimensions than in terms of optional to add from a wide list, to personalize the machine in respect the particular application:


Furthermore all the machine have a modem, usable to connect to the machine in remote mode. In that case it’s not necessary a technical intervention on site, but it’s possible resolve the problems come from the electronic parts directly in our offices, with a clear economization of time and money.
Cavalleri, thank to its technical support, is able to intervene and resolve all the problems the machine can have (of mechanical, electric or electronic nature). In every part of the world the machine is, it’s always possible to have a highest specialized technician to resolve every type of problem, for a totally machine revamping or only to answer at every question on the machine’s functionality. The reaction times are very quickly, to limit at the best the problem derived from the machine stop.