They are the transversal sheeters models built from Cavalleri before the Syncro family. Today they aren’t built anymore, but often in the workhouse are available used machines, returned from customers who purchased a new sheeters, ready to be sold another time. Clearly every machine is totally revised from the Cavalleri’s technicians and restyling, and it returns like a new one and ready to work. Since it isn’t a real new machine, its price will be surely interesting.
Consult daily the section Used Machines in this website: in it you can find photos and descriptions about the used machines in that moment are available in Cavalleri’s workhouse. Don’t miss the possibility to do a business!
The machine has however a very good cut precision, with a cut speed around 120 meters per minute in a normal running.
All the Electrical Axis machines can cut paper, plastic film or aluminium having different type and weight, however up to 250 g/m2.
The Electrical Axis family is composed by different models, either characterized by a different width. The range goes from the CT8 model (width 850 mm) to the CT19, width 1950 mm. Consequently the usable coil width vary, so the maximum sheets width that the operator can has. For the sheets length, instead, it’s fixed to 1000mm for all the models. Also all the other characteristics that the machines have (i.e. the structure and all its strength points) are identical.
In detail, follow there are all the parameters related to the machines:


Differently than the Syncro family (see the proper page), the Electrical Axis versions have only two command motors. The main one manage the rotary knife, the trolley bar and the collecting cylinder, whereas the other one controls the towing cylinder. The machine in this sense is conceptually more simple than the Syncro, “less automated”.
Part of the controls directly managed by the operator panel on the Syncro, in this case are under mechanical control. As an example, the cut format modification , that musts to be stopping the machine, setting two pulleys on the desired format.
Also in the Electrical Axis case, who purchase the machine can freely choose the characteristics that it will has, in terms of optional that the particular application needs:


Furthermore all the machine have a modem, usable to connect to the machine in remote mode. In that case it’s not necessary a technical intervention on site, but it’s possible resolve the problems come from the electronic parts directly in our offices, with a clear economization of time and money.
Cavalleri, thank to its technical support, is able to intervene and resolve all the problems the machine can have (of mechanical, electric or electronic nature). In every part of the world the machine is, it’s always possible to have a highest specialized technician to resolve every type of problem, for a totally machine revamping or only to answer at every question on the machine’s functionality. The reaction times are very quickly, to limit at the best the problem derived from the machine stop.